A tree split in half by me and mom and didn’t hit us but it almost did.

What makes a tree ‘decide’ to split when it does? The crack was like a sonic boom, and we
didn’t know if the roof was collapsing or a tree breaking for a split second, but jumping 2
feet out of the way, along with some folks behind us, we had good luck on our side. Why
then? A weakened tree just sits, looking, well, sturdy as a tree and suddenly, a gust of
wind, a butterfly farts, a squirrel drops his nuts – all I know is this: whatever we were
thinking about before that moment, for several people this day, was completely gone.
Interesting bit of randomness for today. Thank you for not hurting us, tree. I guess you’d
been hanging on long enough and it was time for you to “split”

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