a strange mixture of ‘don’t believe a word I say’ and ‘I’m so deadly serious

The fascinating cross between dry wit, sarcasm, uncertainty over the emotional state state of another, earnest emotional transparency, absurdist humor – I feel like I’ve just witnessed a marvelous short play where the audience and the participants are left laughing hysterically at the end, the driving force of the laughter being the only emotion that can possibly mix together all of those things successfully and an awesome-good-time was had by all.

I enjoy extreme mixtures of awkward uncertainties when “people of good humor” are participating.  That’s how I see you two and myself:

a strange mixture of ‘don’t believe a word I say’ and ‘I’m so deadly serious my words shatter the very fabric of reality until the very poly/cotton mixture ceases being 40%/60% and instead merges to become: cotteyster uncertanties of smaller-than-planck length scale

I love that combination :) “I hate this guy!”/”I love this guy!” mean exactly the same thing.

You guys are my true family.  Genes?  Similar family environments?  The right time in History for people of our nature to come up from the slime-mold that sticks to this planet called Life?  Yes, I dunno but definitely family.  No tree required. [that last line could be a programmer joke]

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