A stick or a theoretical physicist could be president. too.Not much would change.

Well, for me, I don’t follow political news. I see memes. But I don’t care who is president. I never did. I vote and decide when I close the curtain, but I’m “independent”. Registered. Neither party. I also know the technicality of it: My presidential vote matters little while the others votes I make do.

So, I’m not the best example of this kind of thing.

I kinda like Trump as an entertainer.
I don’t care if he’s president or not.
A stick or a theoretical physicist could be president. too.
Not much would change.


I suspect Hillary Clinton will be the next President. I can give reasons why. There’s also a stronger likelihood that I’m wrong.

It’s not even that I like her. I don’t care much for her. But as in my la-la-land might want to believe that it’s possible for Bernie Sanders to become president, he won’t.

His hair is messy.

I think there was a Republican who stands a chance too. I forgot his name though. Usually a republican follows a democrat but not always.

But again, stronger likelihood that I’m wrong. But really, I don’t care. I’ll get two choices around June 2016. I don’t really know for sure who they’ll be. I’ve been surprised before. I’m sure I’ll be surprised again.


Oh, I wouldn’t worry about civil war in the USA. It happened once. It’s not likely to ever happen again. I suspect the news exports you get about the USA make things look horrible here.

But they’re not. We just like to bicker loudly.


The USA is a big, surprisingly boring country.
Lots of stuff seems to happen here. Not much really does.
People go to work, go to school, eat, shit, come home, go to bed.
That’s about it.


Ahh, but you’re seeing the horse and pony show.

Consider this: What happens when a president gets into office? Who do they deal with most of the day?

Senate. House. Supreme Court. Military personnel. Advisers.

The candidates are selected by the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

Look at the members of the Democratic committee. How many of these names do you know?

National Chair: Debbie Wasserman Schultz[10]
Tulsi Gabbard, U.S. Representative from Hawaii[10]
Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary–Treasurer of the AFL-CIO[10]
Donna Brazile, political analyst, campaign manager for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign
Raymond Buckley, President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party
R. T. Rybak, former Mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Executive Director: Amy Dacey
Treasurer: Andrew Tobias, businessman, author, and financial self-help guru
Secretary: Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore[11]
Communications Director: Mo Elleithee[12]
National Finance Chair: Henry Muñoz III[10]

You’ve probably heard of Andrew Tobias. Money guy. Beyond that? Probably none. I’ve heard of none of them at least, except Tobias.

THEY decide between Sanders and Clinton.

It doesn’t MATTER what people think. It _doesn’t matter_ what’s in the news. It doesn’t matter who is logically better. None of that matters.

It matters what these people decide. July 2016 they’ll decide.

They’re politicians mostly. Do they want a contrary guy who won’t play along?

No. They want somebody who knows how the system works, who knows what to do and what not to do.

This is why Clinton will most likely get the nomination from them.

If they’re SMART, they’ll have Bernie Sanders as VP. But it’s more likely they’ll pair her up with someone who also plays well with others.

Just how it is.


Bah. Hype. Trump won’t get in. Don’t believe the news. Won’t even matter if he does. Anyway, he likes Putin. Putin likes him. Mind you, that’s smart for international relations. With Russia. Nobody else.

Let’s see: I MIGHT be concerned if the Republican National Committee believes that we need a single power: USA-RUSSIA against the Arab nations.

Or worse:

USA-RUSSIA-EUROPE against Arab nations.

That’d be a very bad thing. Not likely to happen though.

Even if they like each other, won’t matter. Trump’s hands would be tied as president for MOST things.


Again, popular vote doesn’t matter. Elections *do* matter and public support matters somewhat, but public doesn’t cast the votes. Clinton may not be popular with the people but she’s popular with the offline Press (newspapers and TV) and the democratic national committee.

That’s still what matters in elections. Internet hasn’t changed anything. None of them take the Internet seriously except for grassroots candidates. Grassroots candidates don’t make it. It’s sad. They should have a chance.


I don’t follow the news Andy, just what’s on Facebook or what people tell me here. I haven’t turned the TV on in 2.5 yrs except for Doctor Who and haven’t read a newspaper in about 5 years.

Britain is tiny. Size of my state of Florida. Not that many people. USA is huge. Different rules here.

You guys seem to care about politics there. Here? We bitch about it but don’t do anything. Politics is ignorable for most people in the USA.

I vote because I was a Boy Scout. It’s my civic duty.

Most people weren’t boy scouts. They don’t feel civic duty. They got a joint to roll, a game to play.

Sure, they’ll get online and say “ME TOO!”, both on the Sanders side and the Trump side, as the two most extreme candidates per party.

But most republicans and democrats alike will be home come election day, arguing about politics on their headsets but both agreeing that “elections are bullshit so I’m not going” and feeling perfectly justified and smug.


They’d be fools to stick him up front. ALREADY the White House THEMSELVES said that his Muslim profiling idea was unconstitutional.

That’s a VERY VERY bad sign. He can talk all he wants but when the white house press secretary says that… which, by the way, NEVER HAPPENS… it nailed his coffin shut, imo.

The People want change. The politicians who do the actual voting don’t. The politicians want things to run smoothly and slowly like clockwork as they always have. It keeps them in their jobs. They continue to get paid.
You can believe the news if you like. You can believe that “this time things will change”.

But let’s be scientific here. If it hasn’t happened before that way, why would it happen now that way?


Oh absolutely. He’s a brilliant tactician although not in the long term. His long term projects are quite often failures. He’s changed political parties whenever it suits him. He’s too “now” – he has no sense of past or future.


He’s a youtube commentator or philosophy forum troll playing politics.


Politics is its own little world.

Day-to-day life for politicians runs VERY slowly. They go to work. They do interviews and smile. They occasionally sign papers. They sit in long meetings. They chat over golf. Sometimes they’ll prepare speeches on various local topics that matter to their constituents. The Senate and the House sit in big wooden rooms and listen to long speeches they give to each other for hours and hours, days and days on end.

Then they vote.

It’s not enough to decide. So they do it again. Or they move on to something else.

The life of a politician is generally very SLOW, very structured, very stable.

It’s their secret world that carries the long and slow tradition.



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