a stand, don’t back down …”

Scott: Agreed about martial arts. Good outlet for focusing the frustration and anger that everybody feels from time to time – especially kids, who have little say in their day (which is frustrating for anybody) . Competition is good as long as its done right. Learning to be a team player (ie – listen to the boss, don’t go your own way) definietly helps you cope with The Real World, which everyb…ody needs to learn. At the same time, it’s also important to learn self-sufficiency – to be able to handle situations as an independent person (that’s where martial arts is good, games like chess are good, girl/boy scouts). Morality is a toughie – but I believe in teaching sharing, caring, empathy, understanding, really learning to put yourself in another’s shoes. volunteer work can help with that I think. Also learn to take a stand, don’t back down … “

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