A single, specific compliment can help your understanding of who you are in a big way. 9th grade English report card.

Persistent: Same here. If I’m not motivated, I’ll _do what’s required_ but little more. But if I’m motivated, watch out. A single compliment, a single “attaboy Ken” can set of YEARS of investigating.

here’s an example: 9th Grade English. Now it’s likely she _recognized_ something that existed, yes. But her compliments acted as a focusing lens as well as a launching pad of how I thought about myself and shape what I feel my capabilities are.

When the Internet came around for me later (this report card was from 1986, before I knew about the Internet… might not have been available then, I dunno) – this is exactly the kind of thing I did, over and over and over again. it’s not that she made or shaped me by her compliments, per se… but a good strong specific compliment gave me some _form_ of comprehending, ‘Who am I, really?”. I don’t know why I didnt ‘see it’ from this perspective sooner, but I’m glad I do now.


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