A short lesson in “how to spot a bullshitter”. McAfee, Apple and FBI

lol I’ve been reading all of the opinions of people resharing this. Some are like, “yeah, that awful FBI!” and a few “oh that awful Apple!” and one that suggested that the FBI and Apple are working together to convince terrorists to use more iPhones because they’re so secure when they already have a backdoor… [and is a publicity stunt for both organization]…

…and then there’s McAfee.

He’s running for President on the Libertarian ticket.

He’s bringing up old cold-war type fears.

AND he’s talking about his hodge podge team of pot smoking, gauge-wearing, purple hair employees….

…and then he says “75% social” hacking.

Ok. That’s where I’m like, “Oh come up really?”

So you’ll waste 7 out of 10 tries educated guessing and THEN you’ll try some program hacking?

and if you fail, you have to eat your shoe and the phone is shot to hell.

Eat your shoe for destroying evidence.

Yeah, big talk McAfee but no.


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