a short bit on unschooling, y-rights, david deusche and me :P

Ah, a subject after my own heart. I’m 43. When I was 14, I stumbled across, “Why Johnny Can’t Read” and “Unschooling” by John Holt, as well as “Summerhill” by A.S. Neill. Eye opening to me. Led to a lot of interesting things.
Glad it’s still around and I’m very happy the homeschooling movement (in the USA at least) has finally taken strong root and that the Internet is very available.

In 1990, at the age of 18, I founded Y-RIGHTS on the early Internet (pre-www) – a discussion group for the rights of kids/teens. “Youth Rights”.

It got thousands of members of all backgrounds. Some of them joined together from meeting up on my group and founded various youth rights societies, I got to help the UN a little bit, and even brought together David Deutsch and Sarah Fitz-Patrick Claridge who then formed “Taking Children Seriously” – a parenting movement based out of England that stresses minimal impact parenting.

[I actually kinda encouraged them to leave the group because they were talking academically, and I wanted the discussion to be accessible to all ages, even though only 50 or 60 members were under 16 – all the other 2000+ members were University students, professors or government folks.

and yeah – that’s David Deustche, the theoretical physicist. Lots of ppl don’t know he’s a children’s rights advocate. Trivia of the day – he’s still a part of it.

Anyway, that’s all. I like sharing that story.

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