A scary thought, I thunk.

A scary thought, I thunk.


A darkened room, I entered.

A scary thought, I thunk.

“Monsters in the corner

by the dresser,

there they are!”


Listened very closely

To the monsters’ breath, I did!

And right behind the door, mind you,

I very nearly hid!


But discovered there, just then, was I.

And here no matter how I’d try,

My eyes, they did, began to cry.

And wondered me, “Oh, die, would I?”


By me, the shadows start to creep.

By then, I was most sure to weep!

Monsters now saw me, did they.

Would last day, this be, today?

Now courage slow, began to come.

And slow, did I, begin to hum.

And whistle too, came from my lips.

And through my fear, I pushed, I did!


Stared those eyes, behind the dresser.

Closer came me, to my death day.

As I walked on, towards the corner,

I knew, not I, just what to think.


But then, now it was time to see

what was this source of mystery?

I jumped up, as it jumped up too!

Found I, it was my new cat, ‘Mew’!


Breathed I, a heavy sigh of ease.

Good sleep for me was sure to come.

Now undressed I, quite safe at last.

This awful time was surely past!


And as I drifted off to sleep,

I heard the most amazing peep!

Now sudden now, woke up in dread,

Now monsters now, under my bed!

April 30, 2003 [Kenneth Udut]

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