a question i have for people who think conservative women are being silenced

a question i have for people who think conservative women are being silenced

But is it primarily liberal men who are silencing conservative women or liberal women who are silencing conservative women?

don’t know if it’s relevant or not.

But *if* women’s issues are different from men’s issues, liberal women and liberal men and conservative women and conservative men will result in a distinction of four “types of people”.

That’s why I ask.

Perhaps liberal men and liberal women are identical when it comes these issues.

Perhaps conservative men and conservative women are identical when it comes to these issues.

If that’s the case, then my question is absurd.

I don’t know if it is or not, thats why I’m asking. I don’t know.


But what’s the difference between the women that ARE complaining and the women that AREN’T complaining?

I don’t think that’s a ridiculous question.


I don’t know the answer. You might not know the answer either or you might think it’s ridiculous to even ask.

If that’s the case, then I’ll let sleeping dogs lie here. But I thought perhaps you had some insight, as you’re far deeper into this topic than I am.


It strikes me that this must be a forbidden question. If so, I’ll let it go.


Ok, I’ll not ask the question again. I thought maybe the difference was important. Apparently it’s not.


‘m an individualist so I still don’t fully comprehend the “liberal vs conservative” mindset either, where politics invades every aspect of life.

It’s weird to me but I’m trying to understand.


When it comes to these issues, it’s not that I don’t care but I don’t have pets to peeve and axes to grind. I find most people are like alien creatures (when it’s probably me who is alien), so I ask questions using whatever limited knowledge I have.

This is also why I’ve spent most of life trying to stay out of political things. It makes and breaks friendships over topics and assumptions.


I’ll agree with you both now and I will cease arguing. I’ll assimilate to your collective. It’s not worth breaking friendships over because these are issues that don’t pertain to me personally all that much.

If the group thinks there’s a problem with liberal thinking taking over everything, then liberal thinking is taking over everything.

I’ll comply. I just don’t hate losing friendships over political discussions. Good people disappear from my life over this and it’s annoying.



I’m just doing the best I can Nolan. I hear things that don’t make sense sometimes, so I ask questions. I hear things over here, I hear things over there, and I’m trying to put it all together.

I don’t have it all figured out.

I use the PoMo language because i was raised with it and speak it well. Doesn’t mean I believe its principles.


When I hang around people who are liberal, I sound like a conservative. When I hang around conservatives, I sound like a liberal.

I’ve been called everything from all sides.

I call myself “bleeding heart liberal” but I’m not. I just keep my more conservative values close to my chest. I have some values I don’t share often because they’re nobody’s business.


I don’t try to do logic when I’m angry. It always fails.

This topic doesn’t make me angry either way but it seems that my participation has made you and Ronald angry. I said the wrong things in the wrong ways and now I have a bunch of stickers of political ideologies stuck on me now.

So, a friend just sent me “Evaluation of Mach’s Principle in a Universe with four spatial dimensions” 5 minutes ago and said they “thought of me”. It’s probably way over my head. Most of this stuff is. But I’m going to read it now and try to make sense of it.


already I see bullshit in the paper. Good. THAT’S something I can get angry about. I hate shit science masquerading as good science.


fsodji now THAT paper made me angry. Good sounding bullshit that’s been taking over theoretical physics. They had the balls to say “Static Time” as if that’s a thing… and that’s just the start.

I think this is why I keep my head up in space and in time and down in quantum realms. The ways-that-people-are-best-governed-for-a-functional-society seems an impossible question to me.

Every utopian ideal smells like bullshit. But then the “fuck it all let it burn” is equally bullshit. I’d rather have neither extreme.


Well, I think I found my TV archetype the other day.


I don’t want to be “that guy” but I definitely recognize myself there.

Back to topic, I don’t like when people abdicate personal responsibility to “something else” either.

The one that gets me more angry are the Neurologist motivational speakers who declare things about nothing really being your fault because your every decision is fixed ahead of time and therefore you’re not responsible for any of your actions because there’s no “you” there.

In that case, instead of “blaming society”, they’re blaming a ball of fat and taking the “you” out of things completely.

I find that ridiculous and yet otherwise intelligent people buy into it easily.




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