a) presenting them “flat” an

a) presenting them “flat” and not in a hierarchical fashion is misleading.

Let me to do the math, hold on:


here are 3,007 counties in the USA. Many positions within each of those counties. There are even more cities and townships than that.

Notice almost all of these are at the County level or lower. Statistically, the probability is extremely high to find at least a a few within such a high volume of people.


Back from lunch.
I’m temporarily a Democrat until I can be Independent again.
Technically, I am Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida which is within the Democratic party and in order to vote in Primaries as I just did, I have to chose:

Democrat or

As our Republicans are too wack to ignore for now, I am:

Do you imply loyalty goes along with this?


Believe me, I don’t want to be Democrat or Republican. I never was before in my life until I wanted Andrew Gillum, who was the best hope for Florida. He got drunk and passed out at a party AFTERWARDS which thanks to counselling he realizes now was in part BECAUSE of losing such a CLOSE close election – his first loss in his whole career.

We got Ron DeathSantis instead.

I stay Democrat for now because of THESE primaries as there are a few politicians I want to see make it in at the local /state level that happen to be Democrat.

But I prefer it when there’s less distinction between parties so I don’t have to give a fuck about parties anymore.


If people weren’t using it as an excuse to NOT talk about more pressing immediate NOW problems, I’d agree.

You weren’t using it that way, so that’s ok.

Name the action that isn’t being taken now by current civil authorities.



“But it all got deleted off the Facebook text input field”

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