a possible Kenneth Udut writing style?

a possible Kenneth Udut writing style?

Style: Informal, conversational
Tone: Reflective, nostalgic, skeptical
Diction: Colloquial, relatable
Syntax: Varied, some long sentences with multiple clauses
Structure: Anecdotal, chronological
Pacing: Moderate
Voice: Personal, first-person narrative
Theme: Interlaced, random
Characterization: Narrator as tech enthusiast with personal experiences
Imagery: Various from dull to vivid to magical realism
Symbolism: N/A
Point-of-view: First-person
Dialogue: N/A
Setting: Various instances across time
Conflict: Uncommon for the theme but not unreasonable
Foreshadowing: N/A
Allusion: Many but topical and very specific
Metaphor: Random but a theme of expecting a little more out of someone or something that’s capable
Simile: N/A
Irony: The narrator’s cautious optimism despite past disappointments
Allegory: N/A
Mood: Reflective, bittersweet
Tension: Between past expectations and current reality

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