a positive response to universal letter to sysop

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Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1992 17:14:11 GMT
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Just a few comments.  Otherwise, as a sysop, I agree with you.

kudut@hamp.hampshire.edu writes:
>        4) Move your Uploads from the "New Uploads" section to their
>           appropriate places at least once a week.  Remove duplicate
>           files/old versions.

Be selective of deleting older versions.  First, confirm that the newer
version works.  For example, the latest release of SHEZ appears to be
having problems on some machine.  Also, newer versions will remove
features to make them available to registered users only.  The older
versions are more useful.

>        5) Be more careful with ANSI color and IBM graphics (IBM BBS's)

I might suggest new sysops take a look at Opus CBCS.  You create menus
and display screens using Avatar commands and IBM graphics.  The bbs
will take care of sending what the user requests whether it be full
color and graphics or plain monochrome ASCII.  No need for three copies
(ASCII/ANSI/Avatar) of each screen.

>        7) Advertise your place on other BBS's every couple of months.

Few sysops have time to call other boards.  This is something that
dedicate users could do.

>        12) Install an Offline Mail Reader Door.

Requires registration, which requires money.  Few users are so generous
as to make donations.  So I have learned...

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