A philosophy that isn’t lived, is just a pile of nice sounding words.

Yeah, I’ve on a self-development quest for… well, since the first time I remember saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” in 3rd grade…. and in 4th grade learning to not believe advertising. [the toy truck looked HUGE in comparison to the boy holding it, and I _knew_ the truck wasn’t that exciting… yet I wondered, “WHY DO I STILL WANT THIS?” – first taste of the power of advertising and how to avoid it.

When i get a new concept (new to me) I practice on myself for a time.

When it becomes engrained and just disappears into me as a part of me… then whatever the concept is will exude through my very words and actions without me even consciously controlling it.

It’s not until I go through old notes that I realized, “Yes, there was a start date here.”

Biggest surprise for me was Osho of all things. His stuff on the present moment and creativity and stuff was powerful enough that I would _swear_ that I believed I read his stuff in the 80s when I was a teenager.

But I hadn’t been exposed to him until around the year 2000. It was an amazing cognitive dissonance moment that lasted for a day as I had to shift my memory around and accept it. This realization only happened two days ago. I’m still surprised.

A philosophy that isn’t lived, is just a pile of nice sounding words.

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