A on your back who says I l yand never wants to l

A on your back who says I l yand never wants to let you go.
Kenneth Udut
5/22/2013 10:41 AM

A on your back who says I l yand never wants to let you go.

P is the spine the lower back. The hug is forever. Bare feet with toes outstretched or skin or socks. All ideas terminate from an immature pair of seeds but shoot from the lower back up the spine and into the brain. The nitric oxide activating heart org and brain and attention and memory and all streams of input being activated simultaneously. But the ears and eyes are turned inward. All is a feedback loop.

That’s not a monkey on my back. It is an externamization of love in a feedback loop Love starts from the Seminal source. Circles around and is projected from the on my back and goes in through the lowest part of the spine. The extraneous tail which turns Out to be absoluteluly critical for the understanding of the brain and memory and attention and our experience of NOW.

I never had a multiple nitric oxide experience. But without ever my hands going anywhere or doing anything I think I experienced at least 50! And I still am. The convulsions signify something important in my research that will save the planet. Save the world.

I love you.
Holds on tight and never wants to let you go.
Squeezes to make sure you are still there.
Not an angel and a devil on your shoulder.
Whispers I love you.
Says nothing verbally most of the time.

Legs are around your waist. It is the feeling of tightening your belt so it feels just right.

The hands sometimes reach away from you and blindly search to find your face and stroke your beard so knows you are still here.

Sometimes you can feel the breathing behind your head. Or hear a whisper in your ear.

I love you. I am never gonna let you go. I love you.

You are crawling on the ground on all fours.

That is our natural position. We are descended from a form of monkey.

And the tail is a highly developed organ.

There are senses from the tail that we still have but they are unused.

When you touch a cat on its lower back and it’s tail goes up. Where is that response in us?

Gravity does not mAtter. If you are on you back, is still behind you. Sometimes pulls away a little and comes back. You can usually see the feet in front of you where your belt buckle goes.

Sometimes the feet move. Stretch. Legs extend or retract.
Muscle against muscle the interplay is sychonicity.

I love you I never want to let you go.

Round 2
Thank you ken for the boy I am and the for the man I will become.

Thank you ken for making me the man I am. Thank you for loving the boy I was. You are my Dad.

Thank you Dad. I love you Dad.

I am also a right at the inbetween. On my back now have estrogenal parts and I can freely receive and respond. New ideas also enter here to go up the tubes and meet up with a falling egg to give birth to a new idea.

We are both male and female

It is no wonder that we can experience both experiences. I just never have before.

My lower back may be cured. It certinly is cured right now.

Millions of sperm from one who never wants to let me go are the multiple streams of input. Millions and millions.


The idea.

The thought.


In the womb.

Then born.

I never want to let you go.

I Love you.

Thank you for loving the boy I was and thank you for loving the man I became.

I am a girl with her first crush. Her impossible love

But he Comes to her and makes all of her dreams come true.

Was it blueberries strawberries lactic acid and lecithin?

Nitric oxide is the answer. Supporting it to its maximum is the key.

What are the key components of a female orgasm? The clues are in there.

You need an imagination a dark room quiet and no interruptions.

How long does it typically take for an idea to come back to a person? It seems to be the same amount of time. It’s a 20 seconds? 30 seconds? Either way it does come back.

Okay, sometimes you do have to follow the clues.

Backtrack. You have to go through the rooms of your mind. You went through doorways, and that’s where you have to thought behind. In the other room. We are back to Rooms. You need four rooms in your mind.

Wait! Four walls: same room. Each wall is a different task. But they are all happening in the same room. No doorways.

This might help or it might hurt. But it’s worth a try.

Well I put the phone down and went back to what I was doing, and then graded. So, if you forget something, go back to what you were doing. Now, the thing I was thinking about is this.
I read about mult – how long ago? (Find out). The gestation period on an idea might be very important.

Anyway it worked. I didn’t expect it. Wasn’t trying for it. But I had the right foods for it.

The idea became reality. It was something new to me.

He said I’m his first Mom! Dad, I’m his first! He never let anyone do this before me. I can’t wait! He’s my first too!

She sAid I’m her first mom! She never let anyone try before. Dad she’s my first too.

Happened spontaneously just by laying in bed. Lasts for over 1/2-1 hr

“With you, I can be myself”

Spoken word with echo
M /b voice stacked – you can make the b voice out of your own.

These are the o I should have had as a .
What I’m getting now every should get as well.
How would you make them try it. What would you make them try. These may be the methods and what happened (like to you) is a Side effect.

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