a nearly unshakeable faith in skepticism is hard to overcome.

‘ve found what helps me is this:
If I consider someone else deluded, I afford the same judgement upon myself.
Someone who I may consider deluded has faith in their sense of certainty. I too, have faith in my certainty. Is it not possible that I may deluded in my certainty?
And so, I test. I retest. I change. I modify. I try to sharpen the edges and loosen some of the straps as well.
I don’t feel authentic if I don’t subject myself to the same rigor I might subject someone else to. So I allow others to challenge my assumptions and I prefer to be wrong rather than right.
If I look out at the world and see a belief I consider nuts, I then stop and look at myself to see what beliefs I may hold that could equally be considered nuts. It’s hard; I’ve had to destroy a lot of cherished ideas I’ve had; a near unshakeable faith in skepticism was one of the hardest that I’m still working on.

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