A Movie is Similar to Time, but Time is not similar to a Movie.

Yeah, at present, the movie is still the best analogy for our experience of Time. It was very useful for Einstein, and very useful for the Block View of time. [a stack of film stills smushed together in a block = all of time].

Still, as technology increases, I look forward to future analogies to the nature of Time, because the movie analogy, while very good, I still think isn’t fully “it”, but rather utilizes a human’s general need to analogize something difficult to comprehend to whatever the highest available technology is at the time.

[the brain is like a computer, the networks in the brain are like the Internet, Time is like a movie… etc] – when it’s really reverse: the computer is like a brain, the internet is similar to the networks in the brain, and a Movie is similar to Time]

I consider it an important distinction to keep in mind, for otherwise, we will run into “the brain is like a telephone switchboard and these are the switchboard operators” analogies, which was valid for then… but no longer as valid once they served their purpose for our comprehension.

But given the current state of technology, the “our experience of Time is like a film” is close enough… although it doesn’t really take into account the pulling in from memories, the experience of emotions and the like… although a lot of that can be analogized to movies as well.

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