A man chose to do something unexpected. His choice was a bad choice.

Man locks cockpit.  Man pushes throttle.  Plane hits ground.  Plane falls apart.  People die.

Ok, what caused the man to lock the cockpit and push the throttle down?
He chose.
Why did he choose?
I don’t know.
But he chose.

Everything else is basically “plausible fiction”.

Lots of time, energy and discussion, finger pointing, law-changing, all kinds of things will likely happen because:

A man chose to do something unexpected.
His choice was a bad choice.
Perhaps two bad choices.

They were (rightly so) choices forbidden by a likely majority of the human population.  [forbidden yes, and yet we humans still gleefully watch the news stories and discuss it… so for something forbidden, we sure do seem to enjoy it]

Because his two choices were forbidden choices, things will happen that will be engineered so that further choices of this sort will be unlikely.  Also, other causes for these two choices will be given, through a lot of plausible fiction.  Stories will be created that cause people to nod their head and go, “Yes, that is the TRUE CAUSE right there!  THEY made the man make the choices that caused the deaths!”

And we will enjoy the whole process of getting there, and feel victorious for taking the choices out of the man’s hands  and putting the choices into someone else’s.

We are a strange species, indeed.

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