A machine that tells themself they have a self to tell. Ian D. Mclean

Ian D. Mclean
The ability to self modify depends critically on two points. One the preservation of functional identity through transformation. Two the essential or necessary contradiction of functional identity as metamorphosis.

Turing machines will never be consci
ous if they are consistent. Whatever they do, they will not be able to contradict their initial conditions and eventual transition through states to their final state. Not without ceasing function entirely. GIGO.

But computing machines which are fault tolerant and contradiction tolerant are not necessarily restricted in the same way. The problem then depends on the ability of the computing machine to become self-aware of their present state, past states, and possible future states. This is not a problem solved by switching combinations and permutations of binary series of switches. This isn’t a problem which can be solved by a Gödelian system because such self-reflection entails a metalogical collapse of objective and subjective boundaries into a system which self-contradicts.

Self-awareness is GILO and LIGO. This is a narrative machine. A fiction machine. A machine that tells themself they have a self to tell.

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