A little matching sarcasm along with gentle guidance with facts, logic and reason.

A little matching sarcasm along with gentle guidance with facts, logic and reason. In short, calling out where they’re being everything they hate… ‘special snowflakes’, SJW, etc.

Been on a campaign for like 18-24 months now (to understand them and THEN to get them to understand themselves) – just stopped doing it a few days ago for the most part ’cause it got boring.

I’d do one at a time (in public groups). It works but it takes patience.


Now my focus has been people who are _generally_ leftist but are starting to adopt the alt right rhetoric and can’t see it.

That’s where the dangers are more pervasive. I’m watching the normalizing happening – and it was almost easier to deal with people on the fringes and bring them to see how they weren’t any different from those they supposedly despise, than it is to bring people who *think* they’re liberal but are speaking with alt right ideas.


I consider this a test case.
“What would happen if a representative of everything the incoming party of power despises does precisely the kind of thing they would expect to see?”

We got a taste of it. There was a backlash and an outcry.

From the responses received, from the Veterans (who I consider apolitical here as their reasons are unique to their circumstances), then on the political spectrum, extreme right (alt right) to the moderate right (Mike Rowe) to the moderate left (“Why can’t we all just get along and not ruffle feathers”), to the extreme left, it should be possible to piece together a possible future should greater flag removing actions take place, but rather than for more-or-less internal reasons (although I believe it was a tip of the hat to Black Lives Matter protests, which I was glad for), instead for more pointed reasons.

How will the different groups respond?

We have Nov 18-Dec 2 data from when it was ‘hot button’. Now one can start measuring the after effects.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P1IVQJdVvE Trevor Noah has a practical solution to that. Instead of presenting facts that are counter to bald-faced lies, ask them to prove their lies.


[you do that by treating them like toddlers who are arguing with you]



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