a list is nice.

ok “here’s what i know so far” can be put in a list. A list is sorted, even if by when it was added to the list (first time)or the order it’s presented in (current view). You can have duplicates in a list.
(double checking my memory):
“A list is a data structure consisting of an ordered set of elements, each of which may be a number, another list, etc. Multiplicity matters in a list, so (1, 1, 2) and (1, 2) are not equivalent”
Thank you Wolfram. “Multiplicity matters” simply means you can have more than one of the same item in a list (in contrast to a SET. In a MULTISET you can have more than one item, but multiset is not ordered)
A list can be turned into a multiset or a set easily enough in Excel or some kind of database. Remove ordering, remove duplicates, etc. But the nice thing about a list is it automatically has at least two dimensions: Entry order (or display order if you like) and entry content.

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