A heuristic is a beautiful

A heuristic is a beautiful thing. A heuristic is answers that work but might not necessarily be perfect. There’s always doubt and uncertainty. Also, They’re practical. Seekers of ultimate truths tend to not like heuristics much – mathematics and science generally do not like heuristics, because there are always many answers to a given problem, some of which are illogical, irrational but somehow… work.

The beautiful thing about heuristics is that they never die – they just go in and out of popularity. To say the Sun revolves around the Earth is a heuristic. It may be scientifically inaccurate but to this day, it’s how we describe the motion of the Sun. It works. ”Sunrise / Sunset”.

Proverbs, rules of thumb, all fall into this category of ”get it done”. There are often long term problems that come from depending on them for too long – but life is short and sometimes we just don’t have the time to perfect everything before acting.

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