a google groups question i had about auto-posting RSS feeds

Could auto-posting RSS feeds to twitter + identi.ca be causing indexing problems?

I autopost new local business listings to identi.ca, which autoposts to twitter about every two hours.

I have a large following on twitter from the local business community who are thrilled at the service I provide, as it helps get new businesses “out there”.  (my site is of local scope – the Collier County, Florida area).

Everything was dandy ’til a few weeks ago when the business pages started disappearing.  My people are saying, “Hey, how come my page from your site doesn’t show up in Google anymore?”

And I can’t answer them.  Many of the pages are simple — name of business, business address, owner name, owner address, sometimes with a rating and/or a review.

It used to do quite well, but lately there’s been a continual dropping.

Is the autoposting to identi.ca + twitter the problem, or is it thin content for those pages or perhaps something else?

My site is <a rel-“me” href=”http://free.naplesplus.us“>http://free.naplesplus.us</a>

A sample of the business listings;
<a href=”http://free.naplesplus.us/articles/view.php/49847/southernyield“>http://free.naplesplus.us/articles/view.php/49847/southernyield</a>

another sample with a slightly different format is:
<a href=”http://free.naplesplus.us/articles/view.php/50821/towerservice“>http://free.naplesplus.us/articles/view.php/50821/towerservice</a>

But the most important part of the content is the Title and Introduction fields, which also appear in the RSS feeds as title / description.

I categorize the businesses when I am able and I have hReview setup in microformats to assist google when they are rated.

Please give advice.  I know I can’t rank for EVERY local business, but many local folks are counting on me to help — and I don’t charge a penny for my service. (and I direct them, on EVERY business listing page to ALSO be sure to include their business listings on Yelp + on Google Local Business Center)

So, to reiterate — does Google frown upon posting the titles of rss feed entries to identi.ca and /or Twitter?


Kenneth Udut
Naples, Florida



Well, I can certainly turn off the feeding of identi.ca + twitter.  People who are interested are already members of my community anyhow.

Business directory pages are tricky, even with a business description. I’ve fed Google maps with geocoded business addresses, which it seems to like and has helped the findability of the local businesses (and I’m hoping that Google will decide to create business pages for these folks so as to improved their visibility on the internet).

I just haven’t quite figured out the best way to go about it.

I’ll turn off the feeding of identi.ca + twitter for a few days and see if it brings improvement or not.



I just noticed that last month, I entered the foray into the CommonTag and modified ALL of the category tags on my site to reflect it.  Perhaps the “markup to content” ratio is off (since that requires a LOT of markup to work.

I’ll take that new stuff out for a week or so to see if it just made things too messy. Supporting the future semantic web *is* important to me, but not at the possible expense of Google “liking” my site the way it used to.

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