a good cleaning now and again.

I found that it wasn’t the CONDENSOR but rather the RELAY that turns the compressor on and off went bad. Just dealt with this a few months back. About $15-20 for the part, and not hard to put on. But FIRST; Check the FAN in your FREEZER. is it blowing, it MIGHT be stuck in DEFROST MODE. If so, See if there’s an orange knob under the fridge by the coils underneath. Turn it gently to the right… until it makes a noticable ‘click’ (not the little clicks) – then turn a tiny bit more and you’ll hear another click. Walk away for 20 minutes come back and see if the freezer fan is running. if so, the DEFROST TIMER might be bad ($20 part). You might alo have a BAD FREEZER FAN – that’s about $40. all things you can do yourself if you’re willing. But start with the cleaning – everything needs a good cleaning now and again.”

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