A game for you to fry

^A game for you to fry your brain with: Don't try it.

Analogy Game: Example: The Dog is Wet; Dog is an animal. Wet is a Weather condition.

Short description: Embodied Cognition is the philosophy that has the concept that our brains are a natural part of our body and the environment the body finds itself in.

The various things done by the body provide concept for the mind.

These concepts start out as actions or motions or directions, like above, below, eating, but in the process of understanding the world around us, analogies are formed in the brain, connecting the new and unfamiliar to the old and familiar.

As each novel experience happens, it is analogized to the closest concept found.

This builds and builds and increases and specificity and complexity.

What I've done is taken known analogies, such as "SOFT is FLEXIBLE" and "CHANGEABLE is FLEXIBLE" and combined them to SOFT is FLEXIBLE is CHANGEABLE.

That makes a each of the three surprisingly interchangeable in some form; it also helps in descriptions – descriptions being analogies as well.

With a large amount of analogies at my disposal, I linked them together in this fashion (took quite a while; Excel is my main tool – and matching and deduping was a bit of a pain)

I was surprised to find these all linked together in the end. Most analogies had 3 or 4 or 5 – but this one has a lot more than that.

What makes it hard is, understanding analogies out of context when dealing with concept words rather than "regular words".

So, The Dog is Wet; Dog is an animal. Wet is a Weather condition.

That is how an animal and weather concepts are linked. That's just one example.^


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