A friend feels like playing a violin. I say ‘do it’ – I did it with a Cello

Had same urge with Cello once. Got it from eBay direct from China for $50. [this was 2001 O_O ] Taught myself how to play [looking at videos and stuff], figured out a few songs, had some fun with it.

Then when Christmastime rolled around, I sold it locally for $100 or best offer. I kept it in good shape, learned from it, and considering that it was impossible to get a Cello locally for anything CLOSE to $100, I didn’t feel bad about a profit. I treated it as if I was running a very temporary import business tongue emoticon

The Cello went to a dad who was buying it for his daughter and he told me later she was thrilled with it. Felt good.

I say: Do it smile emoticon

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