a fellow j2a1a1a

“Hiya, wow that’s cool, well I am Welsh, but both my Haplogroups are odd for a Welsh person anyway, have not really got to the bottom of it yet, but the maternal line we know was at least in a village in South Wales called Ystragynlais in mid 19 Century, there was a story passed down to my mums mum, that a British soldier ancestor of mine brought back with him from the Nopoleonic wars a wife from France, were in France, no idea or even if it’s true, but according to 23andme our Haplogroup is very common in Northen Germany amongst the Angles, Saxons, and Frisians and Jutes.
Glad you joined, this sit is a great resource, there are at least another 2 on here who share our mtdna, one who traces it back to Sweden, and then another who traces it back to oddly enough Lebanon.”

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