a do everything by the book”.”

Well Heather, I don’t know how you do it, but you somehow manage to get my “Flow” state going and the words come tumbling out. I’m stlll in the process of retraining myself. Sometimes I find myself in a toxic, repeating act of a play – where I end up saying the same things I don’t want to say after hearing the same things I don’t want to hear – and it’s very hard to say STOP to yourself and chan…ge rewrite the script. And with people close to you, sometimes you can’t rewrite the script. All you can do is take that scene out of the play altogether. An example in my life is this: I have this urge to be Mr. Fix-It. With everything. But – I’m either a fast-fixer – or I’m a thorough fixer. Fix-it too quick (“ger ‘er done/bandaid/ducttape.. and it works) or too thorough, “Gotta do everything by the book”. “

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