A concept is a theory of a category .

A concept is a theory of a category .
That Square shape on the front of the ebook represented the 5 categories I got. Middle is 5. I forgot how to read the symbol but at the time it was going to be my “everything-maps-to-this notion I like” thing.
Me on Jun 26, 2015:” I’m still puzzling out the whole “category” issue. And issue it is, like a wound that won’t close, spewing forth categories from some strange source – the stigmata I wish to understand and convince itself to close on its own accord without coarse stitching.”
 If nothing else, I discovered that the notion of “data driven” is basically BS.You still need a theory.https://archive.org/details/WordOutOfContextEbook/

 It’s a great find. I got there as I did what I normally do: I find a paper I like and I look where it was cited.I scroll through the titles until something looks intriguing.


 It’s basically an outline of how we continually evaluate and update our ontology, our map of how things relate to one another.

By default, we tend to keep what we already think is true.

But it’s always being compared and challenged as we go about life and we update as we go.


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