a concept can be, but is not necessarily an idea.

Well I would start by saying what I believe a concept is _not_.

I would say that a concept is _not_ an idea.

It *can* be, but I believe there to be a distinction that can be cut to separate idea from concept, separating concept from the realm of Platonic ideals.

So here’s concept… floating around, not knowing its own nature, Plato screaming, “come back! come back! I need you! Western Civilization needs you wedded to “idea” for eternity!”

Concept yells back, “Eternity? That’s YOUR concept!”

So after my short dramatization, I’ll see what I can do about “Concept”. It’s a good question.

A concept is a sensory analogy. Beyond the first few basics, I would imagine that the sensory analogies get VERY VERY VERY complicated but ultimately, it should be possible to break them down into their “sensory mathematics” as it were.

That’s my ide.. err… concept.

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