A common short-term memory retrieval rate may describe many cognitive procedures

Memory processing speed: (Short term) – or REFRESH RATE
27 items per second across four different paradigms.

That’s 3.7 milliseconds per item
But it’s happening in parallel and overlapping as well as serial.

1620 items per minute.

Four paradigms are:
The Sternberg Item-Recognition Paradigm
The Brown-Peterson Pre-Load Paradigm
The Complex Span Paradigm
Psychological Refractory Period Paradigm

“… it proposes that the identified high-speed processing rate of about 27 items per second across four different procedures might reflect the operation of a very basic process of high-speed retrieval that serves both memory search and attention-based refreshing in STM. Thus, the attentional component of memory search and refreshing is proposed to be the same. ”

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