A better bailout was possible during the financial crisis | George Soros

Good read. There’s no question President Obama’s administration rescued the economy which has led to a period of temporary recovery growth since then.

However, there was a better way, one that will need to happen within the next handful of years. Not under the current administration, as they’re taking Obama era gains for themselves, worsening this missed opportunity.

Rather, whoever runs in the Democratic Party will have to take this seriously for while the surface problem was alieviated, the debt rescue will have to be at the consumer level and not at the corporate or lender levels.

This will be a huge direct relief for hundreds of millions of US citizens and businesses and real estate will continue to function as before, just with reset values, which are currently far too overvalued for far too long.

This is also a lasting relief. Andrei Tudor Patrascu – you’ve been studying George Soros: What are your thoughts?
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