a) background-interface-foreground-interface-viewer/subject …

just more out loud notetaking… something’s amiss as these should all mesh…
a) background-interface-foreground-interface-viewer/subject …
b) Negative Feedback = homeostasis = equilibrium = phase locked loop = attractors = stable states = eigenstates/eigenfunctions = equilibrium points = setpoints = ballcock / float valve …
c) If you see parallel there is a back and
forth happening keeping it looking
stable. The gaps between are the
islands of calm, the insulators or
noise. background/ foreground,
node/antinode, noise/signal ….
ah ha… !
TOP ANTINODE = foreground
BOTTOM ANTINODE = background
NODE is insulation / noise. [interface]
Confirmation of this to me is: focus on foreground or background is cultural.
Visual is this green and purple schlieren filter..
“Differential schlieren-interferometry “
It’s just a top /bottom filter.One color for top antinote, one color for the bottom antinode, the line between sits at the node if you place it right.
Now I have to tie in chords and onset.times from a post from last week.. later… later on… but getting this ok I’m happy with.
Public notes, sorry.
Ok, the other thing was sameness: numbers. firstness, secondness, space or times between.
If space between numbers but no time, you can have a chord. parallel.
If time inbetween numbers but no space, you have: serial.
well dang is that all it is?
Number interface number interface viewer..
If interface is space… then
if interface is time… then…
ok. I think this works.

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