A 5D medical imaging view of the surface of a Minecraft planet, folded in upon itself.

Finally comprehending 5D medical imaging formats.  They have special techniques for dealing with biomedical images, like brain scans, X-Rays and things, and I wanted to use something familiar to understand how their unique way of viewing these multidimensional images works.

I want to see all the ways that people use computers to visualize images and comprehending visual data and I had these marvelous tools on my HD that just didn’t make sense to me until now.  But now I can see how, by folding up several worlds into a single BLOCK and flipping through them like pages in a book… now it’s making sense.

This could be a brain.  But it’s the surface of a planet that exists in another realm, folded upon itself, all intervening spaces removed.

I have a purpose other than #Minecraft for this, but it’s a good data source I have already.  Just imagine though, walking inbetween these slices and building… then being able to transport to other realms, above and below in dimensions you can’t directly perceive.mc-zoom


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