_The 80/20 rule is *ACCIDEN

_The 80/20 rule is *ACCIDENTALLY PROVEN*_

I wrote for exactly 2 1/2 hours.

From: 9:13:05pm to 11:43:00pm (document statistic says so)

I typed: 17969 characters (including spaces) and

3313 words.

2.5 * 60 min = 150 minutes

3313 words / 150 = 22 words per minute.

Now, this had my 100% attention. Zero distractions for a change.

I normally type at 110 WPM.

This means: 80% thinking, 20% typing, actually measured.

The 80/20 rule is true.

(sure, there’s thinking that happens while typing but really, thinking happens *inbetween* the keys hitting the keyboard. The pew pew pew pew of the brain to fingers and the pew pew pew pew from the lcd screen to the eyes to the brain takes up actual time from attention)

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