_STOP – GO BACK, DO IT AGAIN!_ *Practicing Perfectly Makes Perfect: How to do anything.* There’s a map on top of your brain – literally – where everything you have muscular control over, is. The size of each of the parts is related to how *fine* your motor control is of that part.

The more you use tiny little motions with that body part, the map of that part of the body gets bigger and bigger and bigger because now it needs a bigger GRID to hold the finer movements.

The AMOUNT of times you practice something doesn’t make you perfect at it.

It’s the level of PERFECTION that makes it perfect. Take it slow. As SOON AS YOU MAKE A MISTAKE… *STOP* – go back, do it again. This is especially true in music practice.

The map of the brain controlling that body part (hands, fingers, wrist for example) will PHYSICALLY grow bigger as you get more and more perfect. You will have finer and finer motor control over the part.

(and… once you learn a mistake, youve learned it. It’s *very* hard to unlearn a mistake. Not impossible.. but it takes extra effort and being SLOW AND CAREFUL.)

(this is why I never learned to draw well; I’m so fidgety + ADHD-like that taking it slow enough to learn the fine motor control would be annoying and boring because, well, I like *speed*. But now that I better understand the nature of fine-motor control – I just have to make a bigger grid for the muscles used in drawing – I might try it again)

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