_How To Save Your Mind_

_How To Save Your Mind_

(Butterflies of the Mind)

(Lightning in a Bottle)


I confess.

I never liked Bookmarks. I never liked setting up folders, saving pages to just ignore them later. Out of sight, out of mind. Seemed like a waste to me and so, instead of bookmarking, I would have 40-50-60 tabs open at one time, just so I wouldn’t lose my place.

At the same time, I dreamed of something where it could save a snapshot of everything I’m working on *RIGHT NOW* so I could put it aside, then open ALL OF IT when I was ready to.

(I have ideas for multiple literal desktops – 18”x22” trays 4” tall where everything I’m working on with paperwork can be kept exactly where I left off, but I digress

Well, I decided to ”get over” my hatred of Bookmarks and see if they could be my friend.

They can, and not only my friend, but a lifesaver. Literally.

Answer: *Save All Open Bookmarks” and Give the Foldername Date then Time.

Reason this works: Your Brain saves Spatial (where you or thing around you are) and Temporal (time) things *The Best*. It’s how we’re wired.

Thing like CATEGORIES, LABELS, FOLDERS, TITLES, MEMES, WORDS even – literally use more brain processing power.

But we automatically categorize things in terms of WHERE and WHEN.

We also AUTO-ASSOCIATE things that are LITERALLY together: In the same Time AND Space. Not always things that are CATEGORICALLY similar, although we do that too.

To put it simply, you will most easily be able to TIME TRAVEL and continue your project where you left off if you can get back to the SAME EXACT PLACE you were in when you last worked on it. The MORE THINGS that are the same, the better your ability will be to bring your mind BACK to where it was before so you can continue where you left off.

This is the same thing that happens when you forget something and you BACKTRACK – go back through doorways and rooms to go back to the place where you originally _or_ last had ”that thought” – and suddenly *WOOM* it comes back to you like magic.

Again – the brain ANSWERS two questions:

”I left that thing WHERE?”


”I left that thing WHEN?”

This starts when we are babies. Peek-a-boo.

We build models of the world via the STREAMS of millions of input bits coming in through the eyes and touch and ears and touch and taste, but especially the EYES.

We build models of the world dot by dot by dot by dot in our brain. These models take time to build, starting from when we’re babies.

One of the earliest things we learn, which you can see in the peek-a-boo game is this: ”The thing I looked just now, will STILL BE THERE when I look away and look back at it.”

Yes, it’s not automatic. Out of sight, out of mind is LITERALLY TRUE.

You have to learn that an object will be there when you stop paying attention to it for a moment.

Since it is one of the earliest things we learn, ”Peek-a-boo” is fun for babies. They laugh when you come back, because there is just a MOMENT OF DOUBT in their brain that MAYBE, just MAYBE you won’t come back. And it’s funny because you DO come back. Then Peek-a-boo is funny when you make it longer and longer that you are hiding, as they KNOW they’re being tricked and they KNOW you’re coming back.

Long story short (TOO LATE KEN JUST GIVE ME THE TAB INFORMATION): The first things that are encoded in your brain TAGGED on to every BIT in the stream that comes in is:


or more specifically:

LOCATION and SEQUENCES (first this, then that, then that, then that – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10)

I know I repeated the same information several different times, several different ways and they weren’t critical to this tab information. But as I am collecting my thoughts on this subject for my research, I have to CATCH the lightning WHEREVER IT COMES, WHEREVER and WHENEVER I am. And maybe, if someone finds it interesting, all the better. But don’t worry – the results of my research will be MUCH MORE SIMPLY put than all of this. I wrote all of this down AS I REALIZED IT. This is a BRAIN DUMP that you just witnessed, right in the middle of showing you how to do a simple task. It inspired me to write, so I wrote. My patient ne has been waiting for me to install a mod for minecraft ALL THIS TIME (ABOUT A 1/2 HR) while I wrote this.

So, back to it:

So by grouping the tabs together, you are keeping the GROUP together – that your brain has ASSOCIATED TOGETHER as ”one clump” as ”one thing”. It knows each of those tabs in relation to the other tabs – even changing the order will slightly mess up your memory of ”what you were doing at the time” a bit. (rather how moving the ball in the cup game one place over or anoher makes it hard to find it)

And see all of that? This is how important this simple discovery is for me. Years of frustration, solved simply. It’s easy to know what to do, once you know what to do. But not before you know what to do.

In Firefox:

Type Control-Shift-D.

Type 05-11-2013 11:25am or whatever the date and time is.

Now you can close your tabs without fear of losing your place.

In Chrome,

Right click on any tab

”Bookmark All Tabs”

Type in 05-11-2013 11:25am or whatever the date and time is.

Now you can close your tabs without fear of losing your place.

In Internet Explorer:

It’s another way.

There ya go! <3 you - writing this aloud for you guys helps me. I can never write documents if I am the only audience. But if there is even the slightest slightest chance that I may help change somebody's life... I'm gonna share it, even if it bores 4,999 of you.

From my brain and heart to yours: –Ken

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