Youtube’s basically a monopoly but so is Facebook. But there’s no monopoly busters, just free market at play. I keep hoping a #2 and #3 video service ramps up. As far as ‘cracking down on conspiracy”? I doubt it. That’s like their claim to go after neo-nazi stuff, but only because it’s illegal in almost every country Youtube is seen in, except for a few like the USA. But they don’t. As far as Alex goes? For an entertainer, he;s a too powerful media giant.

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Early internet [BITNET]. I documented the 1991 Iraq war from the first reports. I was shocked to get a broadcast message “war apparently has started” right in the middle of what I was doing. Found this in an old txt file dated 1/29/1991 – and it goes on for a while from here. I think it was the very first war I remember since there WERE no wars when I was growing up, only ‘conflicts’ and the tail end of the “Cold War”. From: VAX1::CDELL “VALENTINE M. SMITH” 16-JAN-1991 17:57:49.21 Subj: war apparently has started ABC reported at 1735 that Baghdad was under attack, and was firing at unseen targets. No confirmation from the US side on the subject of war. More as it becomes known. VMS From: VAX1::CDELL “VALENTINE M. SMITH” 16-JAN-1991 18:00:13.45 Subj: war bulletin #2 Apparently, AP has reported that the air force has reported an attack has begun from Saudi Arabia. An Air Force source there has allegedly also confirmed this to ABC. VMS From: VAX1::CDELL “VALENTINE M. SMITH” 16-JAN-1991 18:06:34.79 Subj: war bulletin #3 NBC is reporting the attack as a Tomahawk missle attack accompanied by a F-15E attack from Saudi Arabia. CBS is reporting the attack is “several hours old.” Announcement from the White House soon, within minutes. AP confirming that fighter-bombers are attacking Baghdad. VMS From: VAX1::CDELL “VALENTINE M. SMITH” 16-JAN-1991 18:09:57.95 Subj: Operation Desert Storm Bush is to meet with the press at 2000 CST, Operation Desert Storm has begun. “the liberation of Kuwait has begun” Marvin Fitzwater. CBS is reporting attacks are in both Kuwait and Iraq. VMS

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