If surface looks are #1 for you, you should have no problem. Play the games. Be the player. Do the fake to get the fake. It won’t last but you’ll get the party fun, just watch for the real-boyfriend in the background that she has back home as you’ll get thrown away as quickly as you might think you can throw away. You’re not looking for substance, so don’t bother yet. You want to enter the role-playing world so do the thing. Just don’t expect much of any lasting time.

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Here’s probably why I can’t directly answer this. Like many, I took a barrage of “perfect career for you” tests. I always come up with similar answers. But one test – MAPP – was different. Expensive. I paid. Number 2-5 were the same as others: Coach, Psychologist, Minister/Rabbi. But #1 was unique and nailed me better than the rest: “Middle School Teacher, Special Ed.” What subject a special ed (both slow and “gifted”) specialize in? Any.

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