9/11 was terrifying. NYC is always a target waiting to happen.

9/11 was terrifying. NYC is always a target waiting to happen.


Also, when you are accustomed to being in LARGE crowds, you KNOW that _anything_ can happen at any moment.

That’s just a reality of being in compressed situations.


When you’re a citizen, you don’t care WHO is making it rain smoke and concrete or bullets or anything.

You move. Fast.


9/11/01: See 2nd plane. “Oh lol, that’s just payback lol”, gets crushed by concrete slab.


Now my 14 yr old nephew mocks both 9/11 “Remember” (he wasn’t alive yet) and ALSO the “Bush did 9/11″ (adults who unironically have THE TRUTH) – because both look ridiculous to him.

I don’t blame him.


I REALLY didn’t want to go to that training. It was a new boss for the dept and I’d just scored a HUGE success with my work on EXTREMELY specific targeting information to help sales reps move doctors etc to prescribe OUR pills instead.

I had information down to individual health plans across the USA. Millions of ponts of data I had to run through Excel 2000 – and I did it for fun as I was a bored temp when I started.

Anyway, his goal was to get me away for a week to rummage through my stuff freely. His management techniques were straight out of “1989 how to manage” book and this was 2001 so I knew it well.

Long story longer, at the end of the 9/10-9/15 week, I went to my boss’ boss’ boss, who I had to go up to in order to get OUT of the training in the first place.

Not knowing what to do, I got her a shit ton of roses and a thank you card ’cause she basically accidently saved me misery on multiple levels.


what I hated is that I was helping reps sell a drug that barely worked. Claritin and then Clarinex (left handed molecule) It worked BARELY more than sugar pill. JUST enough though and was inferior to its competition.

Yet, I still take its generic form now occasionally ’cause “just barely works” is often enough.

Living through the failed saga of its boner pill was fun though. Squeaked its way up to human trials but it was a failure from the start. They tried to squeak it that last 0.10% into “statistically better than placebo” but just couldn’t do it.


(“squeak” because: Mouse trials. How do you figure out if your pill or sugar pill is giving mice erections? SOMEBODY had to do it. A whole worldwide team… and they did it)



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