80s video game music, full of square waves. Why? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_wave

80s video game music, full of square waves. Why?
It will be a sign of our technological and mathematical intelligence.
“The ideal square wave contains only components of odd-integer harmonic frequencies (of the form 2π(2k − 1)f). Sawtooth waves and real-world signals contain all integer harmonics.”
brings back memories. First computer was a Tandy Color C”omputer 2. I had the “Orchestra 90 CC” which led me write music in stereo. Only coulid record one out of two sides but I’d saved the cassette and got at least some of it up on soundcloud a few years ago.
One of my favorite things 12 year old me liked to do is create new sounds. It was an additive synth, so I had full control over the harmonics and could make any shape wave I wanted and I recognize all of the sounds on that video.

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