7 years ago today: I was gung-ho on the naplesplus website. This is before Google had business listings, before Facebook had business listings, and the field was wide open for people like me to do what I did. It was really exciting as newspapers freely shared their full articles via RSS feeds and such. Well, in the intervening 7 years, RSS feeds went ka-pooey, as newer versions of the concept with fancier names and a more “programmy” look and sound to it, killed it. The people distributing the RSS feeds couldn’t monetize it, but they CAN monetize keeping a tighter squeeze on their data. Also, when Google changed their algorithms, and Yahoo left the search engine race, it pretty much killed my project as financially viable. It’s still there; but it’s mostly a relic of a by-gone web. It’s not that they were the “good old days” or anything like that; today’s web is better than before. It’s just that things are getting more and more corporate, a trend that began way back in 1993 when the doors were opened and we all cried out, “IMMINENT DEATH OF THE INTERNET!” as commercial interests were now ok and DARPA said, “Here you go world – here’s our project – you have it”.

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