7.64 keystrokes per second, 13.5 notes per second but need another keystroke test

ok, so 13.5 notes per second.
What about typing speed?
110 wpm has been my speed (I test every few years) since I maxed it out long ago.

So using an online calc: 110wpm = 27,500 keystrokes per hour or 458.33 keystrokes per minute or 7.64 keystrokes per second.

13.5 notes per second
7.64 keystrokes per second

Now the 13.5 notes per second is with triplets. To get a representative speed comparison, I’d have to do triplets on the computer keyboard.
ok. Raw typing speed according to Monkeytype (disregarding accuracy as I’m looking for mechanical speed) is 174 wpm, 43500 keystrokes per hour, 12.08 keystrokes per second.

13.5 notes per second
12.08 keystrokes per second

That’s equivalent and representative of my mechanical maximum. The keystrokes confirms the notes per second.
130.89 ms for each keystroke at 110 wpm
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