<– what 27 years online does to a person.

I spent countless hours on CB Radio before that and programming on my 80s hooks-up-to-the-TV-set computer.
Before that? I was … reading… books I think they’re called.
Before that? I was talking to strangers.
Before that? I think I was born.
Before that? I hadn’t reached enough cohesion to be.

<– what 27 years online does to a person.
I’ve been online since 1989.

Hacking –> programming –> smarts. So I encourage hackers to hack. It’s good for you, especially if you’re a kid ’cause the worst they can do is suspend you or something.


1990: Internet. College. Green dumb terminals.

I read an issue of PHRACK I got from a BBS that told me ALL of the default passwords for mainframes.

So, on my 5 college network (Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, where I was *supposed* to go into theoretical physics but ended up in child psychology and THEN couldn’t afford to finish)….. I decided to brute force a nearby University.

username: SYSTEM
password: MANAGER – that was the first try.

Anyway… it didn’t work, I got called into by the sysadmin, and I was in tears BEGGING him not to cut me off the Internet.

That being said, I got smarter about hacking from that point forward.

I learned to get in, look around, leave a little msg somewhere, and get out.


With more ppl, social engineering becomes an even stronger method to use, although it was always the strongest method over brute force.


There’s always new way, new bugs to exploit. They close up one hole, and 100 other hole open up elsewhere.

Thing is: The Internet isn’t, can never be and never was a secure system no matter HOW many layers of security they stick on top of it.

TCP/IP is: store and forward. Store and forward mean: Store and COPY and send copy.

This deep down flaw in the whole tcp/ip protocol and, indeed, the entire routing system will always be exploitable.


As more of a user now than an exploiter, I _hate_ patches They release buggy software to begin with, turn everybody into beta testers. They incorporate unnecessary calls to their systems INVITING security breaches.

As the world turns to Cloud, it’s just going to increase the ability for exploits to take place. The golden age of exploiters is about to begin  and I kinda look forward to seeing what comes of it. I mean, *I* don’t like getting a ddos like the next guy, or finding a strange phantom IP connection I didn’t ask for… but overall, I think our overreliance on empty promises of security (how many ppl ACTUALLY BELIEVE Snapchat deletes their dick pix? idiots) is going to produce some interesting times.

Cloud = dumb terminal + mainframe. Control leaves the user, enters the network. Network is fundamentally flawed by design. Golden age is coming for guys into this stuff.


I expose myself freely online. A search for my name shows ALL sorts of shit from me. Gave up on privacy in 2002 when Google acquired Usenet and all my shitposting from the early mid-90s suddenly became available in a simple search. I zapped like 5 I wanted to get rid of and the rest I said fuck it.

I look forward to alt.interfaces. Nervous system integration is going to be great. In 1983, at the age of 11, I got to control a computer with my mind in biofeedback training. Made a computer’s noise go up and down with just my mind.

I’m 44 now. 33 years I’ve been waiting for more stuff like that. Still waiting.

I like the tech they’re coming out with, but advancement is too damn slow.

Example: data analysis. Primitive. Want to analyze massive data to find outliers? Fuck algorithms. Turn it into lossless wav and *listen*: our ears have greater discriminatory power than most of the shit statistical algorithms out there. I have perfect pitch, so I guess for me that’s easier.

Or better still, smell. Where’s the data–>odor conversion? Where’s the USB smell generator?

You can SMELL a recipe that has “too much pepper, not enough garlic”. Our noses are VERY attuned to tiny differences. Our sulfur sensing capability is TREMENDOUS.

Why aren’t we using it? ’cause we’re stupid and obsessed with “numbers” for everything and vision. Our visual systems are primitive in their discriminatory capacity. Our numosity mechanisms can’t handle multiple simultaneous objects over 150, and our fast ones can’t handle more than 3 or 4 at most.

Ugh. We’re way behind in technology. We have a long long long way to go.


I’m glad I could be a drop of sanity in your time here. Yeah, I try to steer clear of world domination things. I’m just a middle age guy, sitting in an ugly yellow chair, on my laptop, more or less in this location relative to everything else. I figure I’ll live another 40-44 years and die.

In the meantime, I’m just making the best of it. like emoticon


 Oh I know. I’m gong to be alive online at the very least. I’m hopeful for transhumanism stuff to come true but in the meantime, http://icopiedyou.com – I’m putting as much of my ‘output’ as possible up there. Plus the Internet archive has 10,000 out of 14,000 of my vines, all keyword accessible.


We traded “long distance phone cards”, put slugs in “pay phones”, stuff like that. I had a good friend in 1989 I met in a chat room on PC-Link (predecessor to AOL) and we’d talk for free for hours on some unknown person’s dime on a payphone when I was 17.

When that card died, I’d do another. Stuff like that.


With every human interaction, I’m working on being a “ghost in the machine” in their minds. I have a certain outlook that I try to infuse in other people’s brains, by how I write, the words, I choose, the analogies I make.

Everybody seems to be stuck inside of their own mental prisons somehow and I try to find a little ‘key’ where they can open a window and see at least a ray of light. So, it’s no accident that we’re typing here.

I didn’t engineer it. You didn’t engineer it. But somehow in the ‘system of things’, it was the right time. There was a gap, and here we’re talking, most improbably, from thousands of miles away from each other, over a strange network of wires and wireless, at this point in time in the spacetime continuum, exchanging.

But yeah, as far as sim card stuff, go for it. I don’t like talking with my voice: I prefer typing. [110 wpm, more efficient for me, and there’s no backspace when I talk] – so I don’t need the phone talk stuff.

I’m lucky to not need to do what you’re doing right now, but if I had to, I wouldn’t hesitate.


Yeah I agree. I don’t judge ppl on their grammar/spelling/whatever. I’m not their English teacher. As long as the _message_ gets across… the intent, the content, doesn’t matter how. I’ve had whole conversations that were just a series of emojis. We understood each other. 6th grade son of a friend of mine only speaks in dank memes smoke weed everyday mom get the camera and if I _have_ to write in it, I can. Lots of ways to communicate.


I love it. Generation Z is my favorite: It’s like watching millions of little versions of “me” running around online like holograms off a splintered mirror of reality. It’s awesome!

And then… “the old folks”. By old, I don’t mean age. I mean mentality: I got a fsda that’s a teenager and HATES the Internet but she _has to_ because that’s where her friends are. So, everybody’s becoming a nerd like me, even if they’re kicking and screaming all the way. I love it!


Oh absolutely agreed. I *think* in for/next loops, if/then/case. It’s good for a person.

Ok – – great talking to ya!



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