It’s not Ww III they’re fanning the flames

It’s not WWIII. CNN is fanning the flames. They’ll negotiate. Tensions are high. They’re having a spat. Russia issued sanctions against Turkey. They’re pissed. Turkey says, “Let’s talk”. Eventually, Russian will say, “ok”. They’ll have to. Putin won’t want to but he will. He may be a hot head, but he’s not an idiot.

It’s one incident. One jet. One error. We keep seeing the same event repeated and talked about. It’s not like it’s happening and happening and happening again.


Hope not – but I’m not overly worried. The news we get here is REALLY anti-Russia. Old cold war attitudes coming back in full force… well.. they never left.


Rule always holds:
News wants to sell ad space to advertisers. To get that, they need readership. To get readership, they must ramp up the hyperbole to a news-weary public.

#1 source of hyperbole raising? Headlines. Worst part about headlines? There’s really no journalistic ethics for headlines as much as there is supposed to be for the articles themselves. [which there isn’t much of there either].

You know who nailed the media on the head, of all people, Ben Carson.

Ben Carson. I should find the video. Whatever he says that’ ridiculous [and consider WHO is editing his actions for our consumptions] – he got this one spot on. I give credit where it’s due, no matter where it comes from. Hang on…


I try to find something good in people I can’t stand. I can’t stand Donald Trump for 1000 reasons. So I try that much harder to find SOMETHING likeable or not-so-bad.

All I could come up with so far is: He’s full of shit when he gets behind a microphone and doesn’t believe most of what he says. I believe this because he’s an entertainer and the whole thing is a joke to him. He found an audience, knows what they want to hear and he’s giving what they want.

He’s no dummy. He knows if he becomes president, he doesn’t have to hold to a single thing he says during the campaign trail – only what’s legally on paper.

That’s his only saving grace to me. Says nothing about what would _really_ happen if he was presdient but it is a strong reminder of the idiocy of .. humans.




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