All apologetics to me.

 I think it’ hilarious too. An embarrassing joke for the company, but funny, just as if a Dawkins book had been labeled Fiction or Atlas Shrugged labeled Non-Fiction. tongue emoticon

Fundamentalist atheism is just as bad a fundamentalist Christian…. at least from an agnostic’s perspective – well, or at least mine tongue emoticon

Correlation does not imply causation, even if you find it agreeable to your personal values. You can believe it if you wish but to me, that’s equivalent to the studies that show prayer works versus those that say prayer doesn’t work. Correlation/causation issue. Believe it if it suits you though.

 I’m not trying to convert anybody here. I’m agnostic and I’m ok with your atheism, although I give apologetics the same treatment whether it’s statistics to prove atheism as superior or logical proofs of God’s existence or whatever. All apologetics to me.

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