4G is available in Naples F

4G is available in Naples FL! Here’s how to activate it:

”To verify if it is a network authentication issue, try this. First, go outside or in a car. Go to Settings > Wireless & Netowrks > 4G Settings. Then click to turn on 4G Antenna. After it’s turned on, click ”Tap to Scan for 4G Service.” Under the 4G box it should say ”Scanning…”If it stays scanning and then just goes to Disconnected after awhile, then it is not getting a signal from the tower. The tower may be out of service.If it changes to ”Connecting to Sprint…”, then it is seeing the tower.If all is working well it will changes to ”Obtaining IP Address…” to ”Connected to Sprint.” If you are having the same authentication issue that we have here in Albuquerque, then it will say ”Connecting to Sprint…” but never go on to obtaining an IP address. It will just get driopped after a few seconds and go back to Scanning. Then repeat it over a few times never connecting. Then it will go back to Disconnected. When you get a chance, give this a try and let me know what it does. I have a master complaint I am working on with Sprint that includes these towers that will not authenticate. It’s currently affecting about 10% of the Protection Sites. Thanks!” via a sprint community post.

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