You say it’s not a group, yet you speak for all.

Oh it’s normal for religions to say all the other religions are wrong or bad or should go away.

This is one of the key markers that MAKES the new atheist movement behaving the same as religions often do.

“Only [x] is right” Insert [x].

I never had an issue with atheism-as-a-personal-choice. I still have no problem with atheism-as-a-personal-choice.

It’s when people acting in its name – or speaking-for-others [they may say “I speak only for myself” – but when thousands agree, they’re not. They’re just not. Things are much different when you have an agreeable audience] – and issuing rallying cries to those-who-happen-to-agree-with-them that it becomes socially dangerous.

Socially dangerous.

All [x] are bad.
All [x] must be wiped out.


Some [x] are bad.
Some [x] must be wiped out.

It’s the absolutism and fervor that I see online that’s been a strange part of this new social movement.

You’re a part of this social movement, if not by declaration, by behavior. It has, I’m sorry to say it bluntly, cultish characteristics. This is why I talk about it so much.

I’m a fan of the received western form of Buddhism. Current Dalai Lama is a fantastic public speaker and he knows how to do it right. I’m a fan.

You say it’s not a group, yet you speak for all.

“Atheists do this”
“Atheists don’t do that”

Think about it.

I’m Agnostic.

Do I speak for all agnostics? No. There’s no group, not that I’m aware of.

Here’s a hypothetical,  : If I saw you were a part of a cult, how would I retrieve you from it? Could I?

If you believe it’s inconceivable that you ever could be in one, then I couldn’t.

Yes. The “there is no doctrine” – That’s part of the fundamentalism.

On a FUNDAMENTAL level, ‘back to basics’, atheism has just what you’re saying.

But there’s more than just fundamentals going on.

Look at us. We’re arguing over it right now. Why?

From whence comes the passion? The attachment? The need?


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