<– more a fan of Lakoff than Chomsky,

<– more a fan of Lakoff than Chomsky, although I admire Chomsky’s contributions to computational linguistics… Chomskian linguistics _is_ computational linguistics, a product of the first generation computing era.


the embodied cognition outlook is, in fact, one of my strong biases and you’ll see it pop up from time to time from me.

And I agree; I wouldn’t sacrifice representation and computational models for it. But I don’t see any reason why they can’t co-exist, each serving their own levels as effective metaphors for human comprehension of difficult things.


Yes, but I don’t generally do radical with most things. I find extremism of any kind rather boring and prefer the awkward meeting points.

Oh I’d have to go back to my notes on that for my opinions. About a year or so ago I dove heavily into it, and I found reasons to accept/reject various points of each of them, settling on a soft version of Lakoff’s Embodied Cognition rather than some of the further developments, as none of them added much for me except points for me to go, “wellll… that’s a little too far here.. and that’s a little too far there…”




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