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 You’re close; NES was the second wave. Remember: There was PacMac Fever and Arcades before NES. In fact, Video games seemed to be dying until NES. NES was death of Gen1.

Then NES launched GEN2. These are my categories only but I suffered through many ups and downs through the years in technology stagnation, renewal, stagnation, renewal..

 lol I looked it up – there’s even a name for it- hah!!…/Golden_age_of_arcade_video…

NES was the first REAL competition to arcade video games and marked the beginning of the death of The Arcade, because the quality was finally on-par with the stuff we paid a coin for. By then I was bored by video games, thought it was “kids stuff” and I should be MAN and do computers instead of programming for video games, a dying industry.

A dying industry.

Man, I would’ve been wrong…. but there were a lot of “dead years” inbetween NES and anything decent that came along to finally compete in a real way.

My first and last “hooks up to the TV” console was the Intellivision, “Generation 2″ according to these lists. 

But I did video games on the PC. A lot of beta testing in the 1990s, including AD&D Neverwinter Nights Multiplayer thing in 1989/1990 (I still have the “Welcome to the Beta Test” package), along with some of the early 3D interactive games (Castle Wolfenstein, DOOM and there was one other that I can’t remember).

Then nothing.
Until Minecraft, 2011/2012-2014. 

But Castle Wolfenstein and Doom were strictly beta test. I didn’t find them fun. FPS were never much fun to me.

Even Neverwinter nights I took very seriously as a beta tester but not as a gamer, although I built up some good characters.

Minecraft was probably the first video game I actually REALLY ENJOYED…. although I can remember wasting lots of quarters playing Double Dragon and their clones in Arcades for a few years.

Lots of dark times.

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