puberty, adulthood
evolution of species, change over time
butterfly emerges from cocoon, political revolution
vehicle repair, sculpture restoration
recipe alteration, software update
market shift, opinion change
species adaptation, company reorganization
color variation, income fluctuation
caterpillar to butterfly, life metamorphosis
political uprising, paradigm revolution
genetic mutation, change over generations
religious conversion, identity change
attitude adjustment, fine tuning
redirecting strategy, altering approach
stock fluctuation, public opinion
business pivot, reform initiative
employee turnover, fashion trends
renewal of vows, restoring relationships
technology overhaul, educational reform
change of career, redirecting goals
climb ladder of success, research progress
plant growth, business expansion
maturation over time, organizational scaling
tide cycle, fashion turnover
blood flow, information spreading
technological progress, social progress
changing jobs, updating systems
reverse in direction, change of heart
seasonal cycle, stock market cycle
pendulum swing, business cycle
tsunami wave, fashion trend wave
stock market, public opinion
change in fortune, life vicissitude
innovative idea, creative solution
health care reform, government reform
new medicine, novel technology
unprecedented thinking, trailblazing idea
innovative artwork, creative solution
light bulb invention, smartphone creation
scientific discovery, history revelation
engineering design, architectural blueprint
creative vision, imaginative solution

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